Rosacea, Broken Blood Vessels, Facial Redness

Redness on the face can be caused by sun damage, genetics and medications. Rosacea, a genetic disorder, can cause red flushing of the face with certain triggers such as alcohol, caffeine, exercise, heat and spicy foods. Broken blood vessels can also be seen with rosacea and sun damage over time. Rosacea can also appear in the form of acne pimples, pustules and swelling in the skin. Medications for acneiform rosacea can be effective in reducing pimples and pustules and swelling. While there are medications available, red flushing of the skin from rosacea is much harder to treat with topical or oral medications. Pulse dye laser can be a very effective way to reduce and removal broken blood vessels and the flushing form of rosacea from the face. If redness on the face is caused by a medication, then typically discontinuing the medication treats the redness.



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