Every day, typically in the morning, you complete a daily ritual, a skin care routine. Between the consistent advertising in the media and advances in dermatology, it can be hard to separate what is best for your skin and what is not. Your skin’s health and appearance can be a priority, or it can be an afterthought, but regardless, it should not be overwhelming.

Our staff has put together a quick skincare routine from the Revision skincare line. In addition to being a product line that we love, as a bonus, it is perfect for people looking for a quick routine that won’t take time away from the days’ activities. With just four steps in the morning and afternoon, your skin will feel pampered and equipped to handle the great outdoors.
In the AM: Rise and Shine

Cleanse with the Papaya Enzyme Cleanser – this cleanser packaged in a neat black bottle lifts the dead skin cells without stripping your skin of the natural elements it needs.
Moisturize with the Vitamin C Lotion 30% – Your skin will be getting a concentrated dose of Vitamin C that is certain to brighten your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines.
Protect with the DEJ Eye Cream – The skin surrounding your eyes is very smooth, sensitive and susceptible to fine lines. This cream can firm the skin around your eyes and improve the appearance of fine lines.
Prep for the day with Intellishade (original or matte) – A tinted moisturizer not only has anti-aging power, helping you achieve smoother and more even-toned skin, but it also is SPF 45 serving as your sunscre

In the PM: Before Lights Out

Cleanse with the Papaya Enzyme Cleanser – You can feel the difference its gentle exfoliating power makes after a long day.
Give yourself an extra dose of moisture with the Hydrating Serum – It is no secret that our climate is pretty dry, make sure your skin gets every bit it needs without any sticky feeling.
Protect with the DEJ Eye Cream – Once again, protect the skin around your eyes! All skin types can benefit from this product, and you will thank yourself in 10 or 15 years.
Seal the deal with Firming Night Cream – This night cream not only rehydrates but its blends of extracts help replenish the skin.

This entire Revision skin care line has received great reviews from the experts, and we carry it in our office.

If you are interested in a custom routine, we recommend you stop in the office. Our awesome aestheticians can perform a cosmetic consultation to find the optimal routine for your skin and lifestyle.